Агломерация.jpgOOO "ITC" ROSENERGOSTAL" develops projects leading to the construction of new and reconstruction of existing sinter plants with the aim of achieving required productivity, sinter quality and reduction of harmful substances' emission into the atmosphere including:

  • preparation of sinter charge mix by homogenizing materials according to their granular composition and dosing by mass (reduction of fuel consumption by 5-7%, reduction of coke consumption by 7-8% during pig iron production);
  • sintering of agglomerate in high layer, its cooling, crushing and sorting allows to increase the completeness of fuel combustion, reduce fuel consumption by 6-8% and expulsion of dust from the layer;
  • processing of sinters by crushing, cooling in annular or linear coolers and multiple screening;
  • localization of dust emissions during materials loading and handling in bag filters, and dosing by weight with automated regulation of charge-mix components that is balanced by basicity and chemical composition help increase productivity by 1-2% and reduce consumption of solid fuel by 1.8-3.5kg/t of agglomerates;
  • use of pre-prepared charge ensures reduction in coke consumption and increase productivity of blast furnace by 2-3%;
  • reduction of dust concentration in processed flue gases from 50 to 20 mg/Nm3 by installing bag filters after rotary, shaft kilns and "fluidized bed" furnaces;
  • intensive mixing and agglomeration of charge materials;
  • creation and commissioning of cleaning systems for sinter gases from its dust and sulfur components - reduction of SO2 emission by 90% and dust to levels corresponding to international standards.

The Center develops feasibility reports for building new and reconstruction of operating out-of-date sintering plants at iron & steel works of Ukraine, namely: JSC "Enakievo Iron & Steel Works", JSC "Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works" and JSC "Dneprovsk Iron & Steel Works named after Dzerzhinsky", JSC "Southern Ore Mining and Processing Plant" and others.

Construction of new sinter plants are carried out on existing available production spaces and with no loss of production.