OOO "ITC" ROSENERGOSTAL" in the area of blast furnace production develops projects that ensures the creation of new and reconstruction of operating blast furnace shops and furnaces of required capacities including the following objects: 

The blast furnace itself with top devices:

design of new blast furnace cooling systems with control and measurement devices and automated process control systems employing one of the various cooling methods:

  • chemically treated water in  a closed cycle system,
  • evaporative cooling systems,
  • process water,
  • systems for combined cooling of different parts of the blast furnace: chemically treated water, evaporative cooling with process water (or chemically treated water) etc.;

equipping top devices with non-conic charging installations with the suppression of emissions by nitrogen when loading the furnace.

Casting yards:

  • design of circular and traditional rectangular casting yards for blast furnace shops;
  •  installation of troughs for evacuating pig-iron and slag that allows to implement modern high temperature refractory masses, modern hydraulic equipment for troughs and completely mechanize all furnace-shaft works;
  •  implementation of highly effective aspiration systems with the use of  fiber and/or electric filters;
  •  equipping casting yards with slag granulation installations.

Charge supply installations and auxiliary systems

  • design of modern charge supply conveyors and accommodation of charge materials in cramped conditions of existing blast furnace shops allowing to use not only cold, but also hot agglomerates (upto 800oC) with the aspiration of emissions into the atmosphere and utilization of iron-containing wastes; charge supply is done by scoopers  as well as by conveyor transports;
  • installation of new modern high-temperature air heaters with gas and combustion air heating stations;
  • design and installation of new highly efficient blast furnace gas treatment systems with the use of compressor-free gas recycling turbines for generating electricity;
  • design of deep desulphurization equipment using any reagent or pinch roll devices with aspiration of harmful emissions;
  • design of units for casting machines and cold pig-iron warehouses;
  • design of building air supply ventilation and conditioning systems;
  • implementation of chemical treatment of water projects for effective cooling of blast furnaces;
  • development of projects for electrification and lighting systems for blast furnace complexes.

The Center develops design of equipment for injecting pulverize coal fuel into blast furnace, which ensures:

  • reduction of natural gas consumption to 100 m3 per ton of pig iron with the possibility to exclude natural gas from blast furnace processes;
  • reduction of coke consumption to 170-200 kg per ton of pig iron;
  • opportunity to use a mixture of different coal grades for injection in the blast furnace.

The Center also develops designs of equipment for dewaterring slurrys from gas cleaning plants of blast furnaces which ensures:

  • an opportunity to utilize slurries in sinter plants (re-use of production wastes in sinter and blast furnace productions);
  • elimination of sludge sewage dumping into sludge collector.
Executed according to the Center's project designs were the reconstruction of BF №1 and 2 at OJSC "Donetsk metallurgical plant", total revamp and reconstruction of  BF №1 at OJSC "Alchevsk iron and steel complex", commencement of project design and construction of BF №2 at OJSC "Alchevsk iron and steel complex" and BF №4 at OJSC "Dneprovskiy iron and steel works n.a. Dzerzhinsky". All blast furnace shop are equipped with pulverize coal fuel preparation and injection systems.доменное производство_600.jpg