OOO "ITC" ROSENERGOSTAL" develops projects leading to the creation of new and reconstruction of existing steel making plants including:

  • electric steel making shops with electric furnaces volume from 25 ton to 200 tons;
  • converter shops equipped with converters volume from 50 tons to 350 tons and modern gas escape channels;
  • units of "out of furnace" treatment of liquid steel using ladle furnace and vaccum degassing installations (chambered, in portions and cirlulatory);
  • continuous casting units with ocntinous casting machines including 3 - 8 strands billet casting machines (cross section of billets - square from 100x100 to 200x200; round from 200mm to 500mm dimeter and others), continuous slab casting machines with 1- 2 strands (cross section of slabs - 100-300x1000-2000mm etc.) and bloom casters (cross section of blooms - 250x350mm etc.);
  • implementation of modern steel smelting technologies for a wide range of steel grades;
  • installation of EAF with a single  large production capacity and smelting time of 30-35 min.;
  • implementation of "out of furnace" steel treatment technologies, vaccum degasser (helping reduce mean power consumption by 3-5kW.h/ton of steel);
  • implementation of deep-inlet system for high voltage, 110kv power supply directly to furnace transformers instead of the traditional 35kv;
  • implementation of DC furnaces, which allows to reduce consumption of electricity, refractories, electrodes and exclude use of expensive compensating filter devices etc.;
  • implementation of scrap pre-heating technology using waste gasses;
  • equipping gas escape channels of converters with highly efficient recuperators for converter gases and gas cleaning systems;
  • increaseing the efficiency of converters by using highly efficient escape gas cleaning systems, partial and total reburning of cabon oxides and utilization of converter gas during its operation without "re-burning";
  • implementation of modern furnace cooling systems;
  • creation of circulating water supply systems;
  • implementation of combined blowing technique in converters (oxygen - from top through nozzles and inert gas - from bottom), providing for the economy of slag forming pig iron, ferroalloys and increasing metal yield;
  • implementation of desulfurization technology for pig iron production;
  • transferring some steel refining and carbonization processes into steel casting ladle (addition of loose materials and ferroalloys in the ladle during production, out of furnace steel treatment);
  • use of production wastes as slag forming and additive materials (pellitizing dust from gas cleaning into briquettes and addition of briquettes into charge materias);
  • delivery of molten pig iron to converter shop in mobile mixing ladles ensures increase in temperature of delivered pig iron by ~ 50 ºС;
  • implementation of special heating regimens up to 1100-1200ºС for ladle linings before receiving molten metal to ensure reduction in wear rate of refractories;
  • implementation of modern 2-level automated control system for technological processes, which allows to achieve set parameters for carbon content and temperature of metal at the end of the purging process ensures the avoidance of additional converter downtime and temperature loss during correction actions and reduce the consumption of additions during melting operations;
  • use of single-, double- and four line wire feeders, equipped with AC drives and rotational speed frequency regulator that ensures compactness, efficiency and reliability with a wide range of wire products and wire feeding speed range for feeding cored wire into molten metal.

OOO "ITC" ROSENERGOSTAL" carries out complex design works for new, reconstruction and technical upgrade of gas treatment systems beyond technological equipment with the installation of bag filters to facilitate redudction of pollutant emmision into the atmosphere below the recommended limits.

Such projects are carried out for steel production plants (shop) with varieties of steel making processes (converter, electric steel smelting of corresponding output capacity); departments of out-of-furnace steel and iron processing (with ladle-furnace or vacuumators units); continuous steel casting shops (with high-efficiency modern and up-to-date sections and slab casting machines co-joined with rolling mills).

Mini- steel making plants of various capacities via electric-arc process using as raw materials scrap metal, were built in accordance with the general and detailed design of SE "UkrRTC "Energostal" at the following enterprises: LC “Novorosmetal” (Russia), ClJSC “Volga-Fest” (Russia), ClJSC “Mini-Metallurgical Plant “Istil” (Ukraine), LC “Electrosteel” (Ukraine). Design works of manufacturing outfits for Steel-Rolling Plant in Belaya Tserkov (Ukraine) are currently being carried out.

Reconstruction of the converter shop at JSC «Enakievo Iron & Steel Works» with the installation of 2 locally manufactured 6-strand continuous casting machine and 2 units of ladle furnace was realized.

Reconstruction of the integrated steel making plant of JSC “Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works” and construction of converter shop with 5.0 million tons of liquid steel per year output was carried out in accordance with the project design support of SE "UkrRTC "Energostal". The installations include two(2) 300 ton converters and two(2) slab continuous casting machines with 2.5 million t/year output each, also installed are units of ladle furnace and vacuumator.

Reconstruction of continuous steel casting department with the installation of continuous casting machine No.1, ladle furnace unit No.2 - (Ist stage); and continuous casting machine No.3 (2nd stage) in the converter shop of JSC «Dneprovsky Iron & Steel Works named after Dzerzhinsky» is being carried out. construction and installation of ladle furnace unit and vacuumator at LLC "Energomashspetsstal" have been completed.

OOO "ITC" ROSENERGOSTAL" has developed, manufactured and supplied the integrated dedusting and gas cleaning unit for the purification of technological gases and non-organized emissions emerging from the new, high-intensity electric arc furnace EAF-30 and ladle furnace unit, LF-30 at the electric steel making shop of the State owned Unitary Enterprise in Moscow